I don't know why UGians likes to say this because I have a line 6 and it is a dream.Yeah there might be cheaper amps but they don't have the effects it has and everything.I just want to know why UGians say it sucks and explain why?I like to hear from actual people that played one ,not people that just follow other people and like to be smart arses.
If you like it, then **** what everyone else thinks.
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Quote by MurderWorship
If you like it, then **** what everyone else thinks.

Yeah right on brother thanks
because they sound horribly digital and when you crank them they sound like sh1t

but that's just my opinion...

if you like it don't worry about what anyone else thinks, it's your amp, your sound, and everyone else likes different things, so screw opinions
Most people that don't like Line 6 don't like it because it's all digital. People who want a more old school vintage tone wouldn't really get that from Line 6. I don't play them, so I really can't say if they "rock" or "suck".
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The reason no one likes it is because the tone is horrible, the effects aren't terrific, and if you turn it up, it'll break up way to quick and sound even more horrible.

But if you like it, then use it. It's not up to us what you use, and it really doesn't matter what we think.
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theres nothing wronge with the 15 watt version... they are meant to be practice amps so thats fine...

when you get to the 75 watt versions however thats when we feel like they are ripping people off
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I own a 30 watt version and it does a desent job. I really can't get the sounds i want out of it. I guess that is due to the fact that the bands i cover most use different amps, tube might be, and Line 6 Spiders are not design to get you those sounds. But they kick ass comparing them to other practice amp such as berighner or some others, they are really overpriced though..........
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Saying the Spiders suck is a relative thing. Compared to other amps in the same price range, the Spiders sound a bit digital, and thin. But compared to many cheaper practice amps they have a lot more features and are user friendly. Compared to my old 15 watt Yamaha practice amp, the Spider sounds godly, compared to a tube, not so much.
The only bad thing is the whole digital aspect of it. It just gives you the tone and expects you to go along with it. While say a tube amp you find it yourself and its yours, and no one else can get it.

But really, some bands are moving on to digital, Ex. Meshuggah, with the Vetta 2's. So you know, to each his own.

Just don't get a $2000 guitar and expect it to sound good through a low quality SS.
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for what they are (cheap digital modelling amps) spiders aren't bad, but based on the general opinion of people around here and the amount of people i know who hate theirs, i wouldn't recommend one to anyone.
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I have the Spider III 75 watt and I'm very happy with it. I'm only a hobbyist so I won't be gigging or anything. It DOES crap out above say 7, and there are some crap tones to be found, however there are plenty of decent ones and with the tone range it gives me, it's damn near perfect for my needs.
Spiders are pretty bad compared to some SS amps, yeah. But the rest of their stuff (PODs, Flextone III, Vetta II...) is great, especially the Vettas, so saying Line 6 suck is like saying that Fender sucks just because Squier guitars aren't that good ^^'
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My GX is really awesome. Doesn't sound digital at all IMO. Gearbox is a great moduler and I have NO Idea how Line 6 had pulled that off with such a simple software.
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The Spider series are hated because they sound ****ty cranked, has a digital sound, the effects are rubbish, ect.

They're alright if you pick up a 15 watt for room practice though.
PODXT = Godly piece of recording equipment if you cant afford or crank a huge valve amp in your bedroom and mic it up i absolutely love my PODXT make a huge signal chain with tons of effects, really high gain, mess with compressor and noise gate, and you have yourself an amazing noiseless recording tone !

Never used a spider but i love the POD series of products, Dave Mustaine uses Line 6 amps too so like all manufacturers they have good and bad products.
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Ok when I crank my spider it sounds better?

Also I tryed out my guitar teachers marshall JCM2000 combo.

WOW spiders are different. But their still not rubbish...
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i got a 15 watt line 6 amp and its good for practice.
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Up until I joined a band and actually had a reason to turn it up, I thought mine was fine as well. Then when I turned it up loud enough to hear over drums, BLEH. And THEN, I went over to Sam Ash and played a few tube stacks (Marshalls, a few Peaveys...) and compared them to the Spider II HD150 (this was before Spider III, which in my opinion, sounds even worse than the Spider II), and there was just no comparison. I wanted to throw mine off a cliff. But that wouldn't be very productive... or would it?
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because they sound horribly digital and when you crank them they sound like sh1t

but that's just my opinion...

if you like it don't worry about what anyone else thinks, it's your amp, your sound, and everyone else likes different things, so screw opinions

Very true.
i used to have a spider, but when i added any effects pedals to it, the feedback was unreal, some of the built-in effects wernt too bad for the price mark though
The Spider series is incredibly dry sounding and makes me feel like I have a sore throat, but hey whatever floats your boat
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Line 6's arent BAd. Last time I was at Guitar Center, I played though one that has delay, pasher, distortion, and crunch pedals built right in. It was prety awesome to tell you the truth cuz you were able to twist the pedal tones around a bit depending where you place the knob as you turn it. Next Time I go to GC, 'll find the amp (if its still there), and find out the name. It was pretty kick ass. Also I remember it being 120 watts?