isnt it a standard rule of thumb to use 1 finger per fret to slide up and down faster?

But on frets 15+ do i stick with that rule?
What are you talking about here? If it's performing a slide, then i guess you would still only use 1 finger, as you always would for ANY sliding (unless with a metal/glass/ceramic/beer-bottle slide... but that still uses 1 finger...)

I think we need a clarification of what you meant in your thread.
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Theoretically you should always use 1 finger per fret but obviously in some situations this is impossible; you should judge each case based on what you have to play, sometimes it's fine to play without your pinky once you get up the dusty end of the neck but obviously if you're doing a wide stretch or if you're playing 4 notes per string then it 1 finger per fret.
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