ok i noticed krik hammett used to tape his fingers, and ive seen a few guitarists do it, and i was wondering.

whats the purpose of this? does it give you better grip on your pick or what? and what kind of tape should i use? and where should i tape my fingers if im going to do this?
wrong forum dude,,,,,and dmned if any of us would know,,,why dont you try it to find out?
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Because when he palm mutes the strings cut his hand... read it in his book.

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he's taping his hand, not his fingers. he probably got some injury or carpal tunnel or something a while back and has got to do that nowadays. or maybe its superhero tape, he'd need it to keep up with hetfield
he was in the "Dear Guitar Hero" section in Guitar World two years ago or so and someone asked him about the tape. His knuckles rub against the strings from all that palm muting and doing it every night on tour tears them up, so he just uses normal medical tape on his first knuckles as protection. Obviously if you don't have any problems with bleeding knuckles when you play, there is no need for you to tape your fingers.
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