Poll: Favorite Song On New A7x Album
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Criticial Acclaim
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Almost Easy
1 33%
1 33%
0 0%
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Unbound (The Wild Ride)
0 0%
Brompton Cocktail
0 0%
0 0%
A Little Piece Of Heaven
1 33%
Dear God
1 33%
Voters: 3.
ok. so everyone knows it already got leaked, and half the world alerady has it (i have it but im still gonna buy it), and i was just wondering what the favorite song is for most UG users. my personal favorites are sceam, and a little piece of heaven.
I think it's a total ripoff of Metallica (Both had a self titled album with a black and white cover featuring a single object.) Also, why did they put the Overkill skull on the cover? They're gonna get sued.

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It's not a fox,it's a wolf.
It's an experimental album (wich for many bands is an excuse to rip off other bands)
its not already out? they're playing like every song on it on one of the radio stations around here! i dont really like "almost easy"... I'm a fan of there older stuff
yeah almost easy wasnt too great.
i like a little piece of heaven because it sounds a lot like pinkly smooth.
and yeah, the station here in san antonio played the whole album through, and had an interview with the band two nights ago. the actual legal version of the album comes uot on tuesday though.
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