I've been playing guitar since last christmas now and ive really started getting into it. I've gotten pretty decent and spend most of my freetime (although i dont have much) playing my guitar. For my birthday a couple of months ago, i got a pedal effect processor (Digitech rp250) unfortunately ive heard some things about how Digitechs sounds and equipment is 2nd rate and cheap compared to many other products (although it did cost $250) i planning on pursueing some sort of musical career as i get older, as im in the school band and have played the piano for 8 years. Im just wondering if my Digitech processor is holding me bak and i should putting my money into buying individual pedals to create pedalboard( and if so where do i start?). Dont get me wrong im still a noob to guitar and would be very thankful for any advice!
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Well, so far your gear is ****. Dont take that the wrong way, mine was a hell of a lot worse when I started. and it still is 4 years later, I still own a squier strat but thats my prob.
Anyway, its not going to hold you back, its just going to be of less use as you get better amps. Yes, you should buy individual pedals, personally I would start of with a wah-wah pedal, I have no doubt that in my opinion a wah pedal could be the only thing you need in a effects chain. But whatever there is no real 'order' in which you buy effects pedals, more of just what you want.
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The best thing you can do for your sound right now is to get a better amp. This will give you a better overdrive tone, so you won't need a pedal for that, and may have reverb on it, so you won't need a pedal for that either. If you can get the money to invest in a small tube amp, say an Epiphone Valve Junior, or Fender Blues Junior, it would do your tone a world of good. Then, yes I would recommend building up a collection of good quality standalone effects.

Unless you want to experiment with interesting modulation effects, you could start with just an OD, wah and delay. Then add a phaser and/or flanger, a Whammy pedal ... But prioritize; get your amp sorted first.
I think that many individual pedals is better than 1 effect processor, but it can do the job very well in the beginning. i use a RP80, it's good but I could have better. buying like 10 pedals is better but it cost a lot more too.

i suggest you just start saving and investing some money in individual pedals as you get better and look what's the sound you are in search for.
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it is by no means holding you back. dont go buy a bunch of new ones until you know what YOU want, because that way you can taylor to you own signiture sound. get a new amp first, then a guitar, then work on effects
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