I recently got a 1967(?) Ampeg Gemini I from the basement at my uncles house. Seeing as how I've been looking to get into tube amps for awhile, I thought I might as well keep this one. I don't think the tubes have ever been replaced though, and I'm sure the stock ones are out of production. I know nothing of tubes except that it is an easy thing to replace them yourself. Any ideas what I should replace these with?

The amp works fine, but I'm thinking new tubes would make it sound much better.

Any tips would be appreciated!
They're made by Sylvania. They look and feel pretty old compared to the tubes i've seen in shops (I've taken the tubes out to see if I could find any information on them). I'm a blues player who likes really warm, smooth sounds.

BTW I love the quick response from these forums!
I have the same amp. Original tubes and everything. I'm actually doing research now on what tubes I'm going replace the stock ones with. I'm replacing all the tubes including the tremolo and reverb (echo). I'm a blues player myself from time to time and this amp is better suited to that style of music so I 'm just gonna see what comes up here with your thread and help in anyway I can as time passes.
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The only numbers i've found on any of them was 759 and 7591. Nothing that looks like a serial number.
Yeah, I can't wait to get this amp up and running.
I just emailed him, with all the information I posted here.
I can't wait to get this amp working! Should sound beautiful with my '79 strat! (My family leaves the best gear lying around!)
I know. The same uncle who gave me the Gemini, willed me his '62 Jazzmaster last year. I'm getting a total of like $6500 of free vintage gear. (Not that I hope he dies!) I get lucky when it comes to what I find in my family's storage.

I'll post some pictures of the amp tomorrow.
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The amp i'll deff. have tomorrow, but the jazzmaster will have to wait a week, until I can get over to his house again.
The jazzmaster is really beautiful.
My gear- 1979 Fender Stratocaster
Epiphone Sheraton II
1967 Ampeg Gemini I
Boss Blues Driver
Big Muff Pi (80s)