I've got a lite ash strat that is a few years old, it's got a great ash body and seymour duncans which are great, but the fretjob from the factory sucks. I've got some unevenness around some frets and the fingerboard has shrank a little so the edges of the frets are sharp........

I was thinking about getting fret work done, but then i figured i really like low action and the 9.5" radius doesn't really cut it for that, so what about a new neck? I like the warmoth pro necks, especially the compound radius and the choice of options, and the quality is obviously there.....but i want opinions...

any comments would be good, i'm kinda torn at the moment
1992 Ibanez JS6
LesPaul Studio pewter
Fender Strat Lite Ash
Yamaha APX-3