I ran out of string cleaners for my guitar. So I'm wondering if rubbing alcohol or lemon juice is what to use. The stuff I used before smelled just like lemon juice. And the wonder wipes I used (Ernie Ball) smelled just like rubbing alcohol.

My acoustic is due for a string cleaning.
why not... change your strings?!?
coming soon... parker fly mojo flame
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how does one go about cleaning strings properly, do you just rub with with a moistened towlette or something or do they need to be taken off and submerged or.. something....
I just used wipes earlier today and they worked.

but I recommend drying them off with tissues after.

also, if you scrub real good, you can use a sock or cotton cloth of some sort. I use both these methods as I don't have the cash for string cleaners from a store either lol.

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Heh, sometimes old strings sound good for what you want. Don't be too anal about cleaning them, but I suppose if you're low on cash and they break easier when degraded..

David doesn't know!
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