I want to get a guitar for Christmas but I don't want to get a new amp for it. I am already a bassist so I already have a fairly nice bass amp. Would it be fine to play it through that? I would imagine it would sound deeper but thats fine, hell it might even sound cool. I just want to get a guitar to mess around with on the side so it does not have to sound great.

Also you don't have to but what is a guitar you would recommend? I don't want some crappy, I just want fairly cheap and well playing guitar. I might just end up buying one used.
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Well, uh, I think it's fine to use a guitar through a bass amp. Not so fine to use a bass through a guitar amp, but perfectly okay the other way around. The Fender Bassman has been used by quite a few guitarists over the years, in fact.

As for the guitar, well, it helps to have a decent idea of what kind of music you play, but I'm going to reccomend a used Standard (Mexican) Strat or Tele or an Epiphone Dot Studio. Just because those are fairly versatile guitars that'll suit several styles well.
The amp will be fine. A bass through a guitar amp is a different story though.
What music do you listen to? I'm guessing Norma Jean's one of em?
Also, price range?
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Ephiphones, Squier strats. Yes you could run a guitar through a bass amp, it would sound perfect, but you can't run a bass through a guitar amp.
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what exactly do you mean by fairly cheap?
because you can just get a Squire Strat starter pack for $200 USD or so.
it comes with picks, a strap, an amp, strings, cables, even a lesson book.
best for starters, IMO.
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A Bass amp wouldent sound bad exept your not gonna get distortion without a pedal, also if you want a fairly cheap good playing guitar check this dean out

ive read some reviews on it and it has good sustain and good feel to it. the bad was that since its a cheap guitar it has weak wood in it.

Ha yea dude I have a bass distortion/overdrive pedal that I got a long time ago. That would probably be fine for guitar too.
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As far as guitars go, I don't really like Fenders. I love Fender Jazzs but Fender guitars like the Strat just arn't as cool IMO. I'm sure they play and sound great but I could get another guitar that can do that.

Anyways yea I will probably go on Craigslist and check out some used guitars. I could probably get a $400-600 guitar for maybe $200-400.
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i used a guitar through a bass amp till someone bought me an amp.
it sounded fine. proper crunchy sound.
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It worked for Stevie Ray Vaughan
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It worked for Josh Homme for the entirety of his Kyuss/most of his QOTSA life. On some of the later Kyuss albums he had an awesome bluesy rock tone.
So, in conclusion, playing an Ovation Les Paul tuned down to C through a bass amp is cool. But only if you're a 6'4" ranga.
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