So im writing up a lab report on Determining the Chemical Formula of a Hydrate

and there is a question, it asks

in the case of a hydrate, and assuming you know the formula of the associated anhydrous ionic compound, do you think it is more useful to have the mass percent of water in the hydrate of the percent compistition. Explain your answer

so what exactly is this question asking, and how can you use the percent composition or the mass percent of water ?

much appreciated guys
You can find the "Percent Composition" if you know the "formula of the associated anhydrous ionic compound". (Find molar weight of compound (including the hydrate), then divide by just the mass of the water)

The "mass percent" is dealing with the amound of water in an actual sample of unknown mass. You could calculate how much water/molecule (in grams) that you have in front of you.

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