Well, I splurged and got a JSX head. I need a good cab to go with it. I'm not too fond of my g-flex cab anymore, seeing as it is huge for a 2x12,and not defined enough.

The cheaper the better, within reason. I don't want a crap cab, but I don't want one that costs me $1500 either. I am willing to save up some cash for a really nice cab.

I'm thinking a cab loaded with v30s? I probably want a 2x12, because I can always get an extra 2x12, and because shipping large cabs to alaska is pricey. I would be interested in a 4x12 if I could get it from www.samedaymusic.com because I could have a cab shipped up here for $50, not a bad deal.

Any suggestions? I play mostly metallica esque tones. Think The MOP album. I also want some lighter rock tones, like the acdc riff seen Here Also, I really want to compliment the cleans as well.

Thanks in advance!
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I was thinking a mesa 2x12, I have heard some bad things about avatar, so I was looking to stay away form them.

What about a carvin legacy cab?
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What bad things did you hear about avatars? From who?

That they were cheaply made. I'm not sure who, I was jsut doing a general search of the site. I heard that mesa or marshall cabs are much better(although more expensive).

I'll have to see about shipping costs on an avatar though. If I order from sameday music they will ship a cab for like 50 bucks. Problem is they are limited in selection.

I was thinking about a marshall 1960a. Good deal or overpriced? They are $850 shipped to me.
Avatar cabs are MUCH better made than marshall, and sound SOOO much better. I really don't like 1960 cabs anyway. Fizzy, poor craftsmanship, I've heard of people's cabs falling apart and I don't like how they sound. Overpriced too