I recently bought a crybaby wah pedal so i had a few questions about it.

1. If i leave the wah pedal plugged into the amp while its turned off will it make a big difference??

2. What are some beginners songs that use a wah pedal in them??

when it's going into the amp, it won't make a difference. but if you leave the guitar side plugged in, it will totally kill ur battery.
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if you're using a battery in the wah instead of a power supply you should just unplug the jack from the input side to conserve the battery's life. other than that, no.

alice in chains or godsmack usually use a lot of wah in solos, etc.
1. You mean tone wise? A big difference, no. You may notice a bit of treble suckage, its nothing to get worried over though.

2. Try Tales of Brave Ulysses by Cream
umm i dont know about wah pedal songs.. songs that use wah pedal? enter sandman solo uses wah.. im pretty sure LOG and megadeth use wah quite frequently