Uhmmmm yeah im looking for a REALLLYYYYY good brand of amp head, any suggestions?

The style I play is like Death Metal/Metalcore music such as bands like At The Throne Of Judgment and The Black Dahlia Murder.

so yeahhh....once again...any suggestions?

thanks :]
I hear lots about ENGL Powerballs, I think they're hard to find in north america though XD, 6505+?
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go for an ENGL i reckon. im not a fan of metal but these amps make me love it. german made too, they are awesome. check out the engl website for specific model names and such that u want, and also sound clips, u wont be dissapointed
check out VHT. Unearth uses them, and i think they have a really cool sound.
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id say.... a different genre? naw just kidding. but seriously, get yourself some krank

kranks are overpriced and dont sound that great
Most of the amps mentioned are of a higher price range...

Whats good for lower?
used 5150's arent that expensive but if you still cant afford that you can get a peavy VK and a really nice pedal cus the cleans are really good but the distortion is crap
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kranks are overpriced and dont sound that great

yea i think they are just priced way too high
i'd say randall RH300 for a cheap one...
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^^ why would he need that much wattage?

I'd say a randall RH150G3 or Peavey 5150/6505 (or 5150+/6505+).

I'm actually trying to save for one of those amps now (prolly the 6505, but not sure how much $$$ I can get.)

try to get any amp used though.

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i would say engl powerball and for less money get the engl fireball

i tryed both the 5150 and the fireball....while both had great destortion (i liked the engl better)
you can forget the cleans of the 5150, whereas the cleans of the engl are so beatiful!!!!!!!!!!

so take one of the two engls....END OF THE STORY
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I bought my 6505+ a year ago, and I absolutely love it. My band used to play mainly Metalcore and it hasn't let me down at all. I wouldn't trade it in for anything else. The other guitarist in my band uses a Mesa Triple Rectifier, which I also like a lot... the Triple Rectifier is very similar in tone, although my amp has slightly more gain, although it isn't really a huge deal. They both have a very tight sound, altho my 6505+ has the worst cleans I have heard in my life haha... but you can get a really cool gainy clean/crunch sound of it. For metalcore, thats most likely what you would be looking for anyways. I hope this is helpful heh...

I wouldn't recommend getting the Peavey cab though. The speakers don't do it justice at all. I would suggest saving up for a nicer marshall cab, or something with Jensens.
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