Hey guys,

A while back I posted a thread asking if anyone else besides myself owns a Canadian Guitar called Beaver Creek.

The responses left something to be desired.

The companies website is up....I suggest all interested in nice sounding acoustics check them out.

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Beaver Creek guitars aren't Canadian. They are Chinese guitars imported by D'Addario. I have a BCTC983S Classical made by them (300$ including case, tuner, and some extra strings). It is a decent beginner's guitar for the price, but there are much better sounding guitars available for another hundred dollars or so.
Well they are targeted towards the Canadian Market.

Mine sounds incredible compared to others (Taylor, Takamine, Martin). In my mind they are amazing....but depends on the player I guess
Rocking the free world one step at a time!
I Owned a beaver Creek BC TC 901 for about a year . Not a bad little Guitar.I believe that the original hand made beaver creeks werenot labled and made by a man in or around Bancroft Ontario. then then the desighns were sold and Manufactored in china