wow i am in a pickle. i just got offered a vox ac15cc locally for $375!!!!

it is in great condition and i absolutely adore it but i dont have the money now.

even if i trade in my schecter gryphon i will not have enough.

should i trade my prs se singlecut to fund it? i absolutely LOVE that guitar but i really like that amp too.

i am sad. help me.
Get people to lend you money?
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get a job?
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have him take credit or write a check and then ::boing:: bounce that **** and you just scored a free amp.
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haha i like the bouncing check idea but seriously i have a job but get paid every 2 weeks, and i work few hours since im a student so that is why money is short.

i man i have money but i guess im trying to prioritize here.

amp vs everything else.