He woke up at 9am throwing up, and up until 8pm he was in bed, getting up only to vomit, which happened quite often. He left for the hospital around 10pm, and was finally admitted around 1am. They say that he had scarring from an earlier abdominal surgery that he had, and that he has to be hospitalized for a couple of days. They will try to remove the blockage without surgery, but if it doesnt work, he will be operated on. He might stay there for a week or two, and they arent sure how he will do.

Anyone have any info on intestinal blockage, and the surgery behind it, etc? I tried to google it but I didnt find many interesting pages. Im pretty sure he will be ok, or at least I HOPE so, but the amount of drinking he used to do when he was young has be worried now.
man, that sucks considerably. my regards to him improving. i do have to say, if his kid is kickass enough for a signature like yours (rock the coltraine), he deserves to get over this.
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man, that sucks considerably. my regards to him improving. i do have to say, if his kid is kickass enough for a signature like yours (rock the coltraine), he deserves to get over this.

Thanks man
Man, i can sympathise from where you're coming from.

My old mans in hospital at the moment because his lung collapsed. It collapsed at the start of last year, and he was in for a week and a half having surgery on it.

Then about 2 weeks ago it collapsed again so he went into hospital and had the same surgery, but that failed, it was keyhole surgery both times but no luck, there was still a leak and the lung re-collapsed within a week (Luckily he was still in hospital) but in the 2 weeks since the surgery he has gotten an infection and is on Morphine for the pain of that. So this morning he had to have normal surgery, he's got about a 3/4 foot gash in his back from the surgery, and is doped up to the eyeballs and having some wicked hallucinations but all seems to be fine, fingers crossed this time.

My best wishes for him and his surgery
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Oh man, dude. Im sorry to hear that Give your dad my best wishes, ok? I hope he is alright as well. It sucks to see our own parents suffer after all the hard work they put into everything they do, to support us and all that. Im gonna try to spend alot of time with my parents and brothers soon because soon Im moving away and I want to spend time with them while they are able to enjoy life with me.
You and your family have my best wishes, and all you had to do to earn them was have that thread title and the dancing kirby avatar.
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tis some pretty intresting, I have nearly read (masturbated) to all the articles on Wiki.

hope he gets better.
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but seriously that sucks, my brother almost died from intestinal blockage related to crohns disease
hope he gets ok!

don't know if you're religious, but if you are, then pray for him =)
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hey man,that sucks.My little sister is just after goin to hospital over i.t.p.(some thing to do with a shortage of white blood cells) anyways,i hope your dads ok,pm me if you want a chat
Aw man. I get so worried reading these hospital stories. I'm sure he'll be OK though, especially if it's done without surgery.
Dude that sucks. Wish you and your dad the best of luck.
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my best of wishes to him, hope he gets better.
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Best wishes to your dad, and I hope he gets well soon.
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