ok, so i'm not sure if this question is entirely stupid, but i've always been curious. i have a guitar with a Floyd Rose on it, and i love it, but the constant changing on the fine tuner's to change the guitar's tuning can be frusturating. I play this guitar alot in Drop C, but i also play in another band that's all in Standard. So that presents a problem. Now, i have Strat, and i love it. the feel is great, but i would like to have Floyd Rose on it as well. is this even possible? i know it would definetly be alot of work, but is it an actual possibility. it's a Strat with a regular bridge, so i'm guessing even if i could do it, i'd have to have some proffesional help with cutting of some sort or something...? thank's alot for any help anyone can offer. i appreciate it alot.
Yeah, get a tech to do it, although with the costs involved it might just be better to buy yourself a new guitar with an FR.
that's what i originaly thought. but i also plan on doing alot of other custom work to it. i plan on putting new pick up's in it, but a rather odd assortment, as well as a killswitch. i'll look into other guitar's that come equipped with a FR anyway though. thank's alot for the quick response.
i was considering doing this to mine, and i still might.

mines got a normal tremelo, but as far as i can tell the floyd rose will sit perfectly in place. with no extra routing necassary. I have taken the bridge of an old cheap guitar i had, and it sits in ok.
you may not have the space to do just as big dive bombs and pull ups on it, but it should still work

Edit: also , there is a fender strat with a floyd rose already in it, so it is possible
i think you would still need to route extra space for the floyd rose looking at the template on stew mac there donsnt seem to be a lot of difference between the standard strat and the floyd. The block cavity is definetly wider though
Super-Vee tremolo... Double-Locking tremolo made specifically for strats... Look it up.
They sell mex fat-strats with FR tremolos. They cost the same as a standard so I think would end up spending a little more than on a tech to install it but you would also have your old strat to sell if you need money to fund other mods.
alright, thanks alot for all the responses. i'm looking up the Super-Vee tremolo, as well as the Strat's with FR's on them. i'll see which is ever most cost effective. thank's again. i appreciate all the help.