Lots of pipe organs, epic choirs, power metal drumming, japanese singing, cool outfits (most of the time), lots of harpsichord and violin, sad sounding singing, good stage presence, and overall alot of good songs.


If you wanna buy an album (see: Download), I recommend getting Dix Inferno.

Their two best songs IMO are Front Et Baiser, and Pessimiste. Really cool stuff IMO, but the myspace song doesnt do them justice. Go on youtube and type in the band name, and watch Pessimiste or something, its great.

The lyrics are in japanese, but who cares? Its Castlevania metal with lyrics, basically.
yes i know of them, funky looking guitars, speaking of japanese stuff i have D'espairsRay among my faves,likewise with Moi Dix Mois, i have neither of my albums though. speaking of castlevania, i just bought the soundtraks off ebay
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