My band had its second gig at a halloween party. We got there and the whole garage, its huge, was covered in black viynl. Hay bales and for seats, and overall the whole place was awesome. We set up and they played some music. IT was all rap, we were like plugging our ears the whole time. lol. Well, we played all originals except for two. We opened with all the small things, every one, which by this i mean no one was dancing. We played two more originals and we two a short dance break for the little rap hoes. And I was like ok, im gonna dance with them to get the groove going, which disdnt happen,they just kinda clumped together and stood there. You know me, I was getting my groove on, but it just wasnt happening. Im 14, and in 9th grade. These guys are in 8th. And my parties in 8th grade were happening. Well, we played another set and for the last one we played smells like teen spirit, i know our covers our easy, but its our second gig, and i didnt wanna screw up. So, PEOPLE actually Danced. And they started going. Since it was about an hour later, we played all the small things again, because its such a good dance song. So, they started dancing and the dance music came on and they danced A LITTLE.

My question i, anybody know and more songs to cover that bring that upbeat feel to them. And how we should orginize, our set list with song intensity.
The Scorpion Sleeps, Foxy Foxy - Both by Rob Zombie. All his music you can pretty much picture being played at a Rave. Very easily dance-able to.
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hmm, if you want easy stuff try some grinspoon (i cant stand them) but alot of their stuff has a fairly basic and quick beat to it. Try 'more than you are' for instance. (only recommended as you're playing blink 182 lol)

However, i think rising force by malmsteen has a pretty good beat to it lol.

Oh and i beleive most of the mafia album by black label society has great solid beats, and feels that would be great for moshing or whatever.

(had to save myself from the grinspoon reccomendation)

Good luck mate!
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smooth criminal-alien ant farm version, obviously
push it-salt'n'peppa<---i would laugh if I saw someone play that...and then i would start dancing
try river below by billy talent actually...i seriously cant help playing air guitar and dancing to that song...cough*.....cough cough*.....