I was thinking of getting an Ovation Celebrity Deluxe CS257 but I can't seem to find them for under £500 in the UK even though its much less in America I like the look of the ovation guitars, so are there any other good ovations (or other good electro-acoustics for that matter) around the £300-450 price mark? Also what kind of things should I be looking out for on an electro-acoustic? I've got one acoustic guitar which was bought for me when I was young and that's way too small for me now, so I only really play my electric.
I'm going to buy a Yamaha CPX900 next week for £450. Very nice looking and playing guitar. The plugged in sound is really nice too. The unplugged sound is great though not perfect but you can't have everything. It does has the most electric feeling neck I've ever played in an acoustic, comparable to my Gibson Les Paul.

You can also get a CPX500 or CPX700 for less money as well, they don't have the same quality of materials but are built to the same design. Avoid the APX series though, they are small bodied and sound very small unplugged.

I also tried a Taylor and a Takamine in the same price range and the Yamaha was comfortably better.