There is an 80's wasburn kc40v for sale it says it has a floyd rose. I've wanted a guitar with a trem just to experiment with although do you think buying a pretty average guitar from the 80's is worth it. Now keep in mind the guitar is only $180 australian. Although I'm 14 and it takes me about 2 months to get 180, so is this guitar worth getting ?
I play metal and at the moment have a squier strat and a G400.
I really don't think this is worth getting, save up some money for a better guitar.
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180 dollars is nothing dude. my ibanez was 300 and its ****. im getting an american stratocaster for $984 dollaRS. thats worth getting.

and ditch the squier , theyre bad. get a fender strat man, i promse you you wont regret.
So, even for a mess around guitar it's probably not worth getting ?
That's a waste dude, $180 just for a guitar to mess around with, especially if it takes you two months to save. Don't do it. Mess with your squier if you must :p
Old Washburns are THE single f*cking best guitars in their price range EVER.
I have an old MG-40 and the trem is better than ANY FLoyd Rose I've ever played with.
Doesnt go out of tune, very responsive.
The pickups are excellent, the neck plays great and the tone is supreme for shred.

Get it.
Worst comes to worst, you've only lost $180.
But you've gained an excellent guitar, even if you use it for parts.
that doesn't sound like a good deal at all. when do Pawn Shops EVER give good deals?

there's no way in hell I would ever buy a guitar with a 20 year old floyd on it, unless it was kept in immaculate condition.

odds are the floyd will give you nothing but trouble and the guitar will sound terrible.

Washburn makes some decent guitars, but you usually have to spend over $500 before you can get one.
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