I was wondering what the primary differences in sound were between the neck and bridge position. It sounds like neck position is designed to be played with cleans.
I don't mean to seem rude but how could we describe the difference any better than what your ears tell you? And you can use whatever pickup for whatever sound you want. Some people like bright, twangy cleans, some people prefer heavy distortion with little high end. It's all preference.
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not really.....the neck pickup produces a warmer sound, can be played clean or with ditortion depending on the sound ur looking for. The bridge pickups less warmer. Its all up to the sound ur looking for.
if i had to describe it overdramatically, the neck pickup is smooth, liquidy sounding, the bridge pickup is sharp, biting.

i mostly use the neck for ska, blues(clean) and metal (distortion), and the bridge for punk, grunge, and everything in between
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if you have a strat, using the neck pickup with some rough, bluesy crunch distortion sounds great, and the bridge is alot more biting and works better for metal in my opinion

it depends on what you want, i often change it in the middle of a song for different parts

also, if you have a strat, turn down the tone of the neck pickup and flick the selector back and forth, c'est magnifique!