Hi, i'm looking to get a new amp for Christmas and have been predominantly looking at the Roland Cube 30x. The only thing is i'm unsure of whether this will be enough of a step up from the Peavey Backstage 10w amp I am using at the moment?
Thanks for looking, Matt
What kind of music are you going to play? I have a Peavey Backstage 20w and am also looking at the Roland Cubes. I played one a few days ago and it was really great, it's really suited towards heavy stuff though. It blew away the Peavey.

If you want to play heavy stuff get it. If not, look at the Vox AD30VT's. They're basically Cubes with more classic amp models.
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a real tube amp will sound noticably better than a modeller like the cube (in my experience).

hard to give advice on what amp to get though with your limited information provided