Saw them Saturday night. The videos are great, but seeing them live makes you truly appreciate what they do. I am not sure that all the superlatives I could muster would do justice to their performance. Their love of metal music definitely shines through - I wouldn't have expected to leave their show saying "they f@$&ing rocked!!", but they did. If they come to your town, make sure you catch them.
I'm jealous. I'd love to see them live. Did they say anything about a new album?
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They did play a few new songs - all of it was amazing. They were pulling a lot of recognizable riffs into it - Metallica, Deep Purple, etc - very cool stuff. They said they were going to be dedicating some serious studio time to write etc, coming up in the new year - I'm really looking forward to more new material.
Saw them at Bonnaroo last summer. Blew me a-****ing-way. I tried to steal as many licks as I could remember from Rod, I really like his phrasing. Gab's rhythm work is awesome. Great show, great guitars, great stage presence. Too good for words.
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Saw them when they were supporting Muse at Wembly along with the Streets. Sadly mic problems made them suck badly so I went and ate instead!