Just needed some advice - there's a Laney AOR series 30W all valve combo (I'm assuming it's a 1 x 12 variety) for sale for £175 in my local classifieds.

Wanted to know if this is a good buy? Also if any of you could let me know features/ specs and any experience you have with this amp (or something very similar) then it would be much appreciated as I don't know anything about this species of Laney!

I would also like to know what genres it would likely cover - I play classic + hard rock/some blues/ metal. So I guess if it's got lovely cleans and decent grunt then I'd be happy.

Ta muchly
I had a Laney AOR ProTube back in the day, and it's a great amp, but the channels switching is odd. You have one channel that you can boost. If you set it up for a good clean sound the overdrive will be bad and if you set it up for a good overdrive sound, the clean sound will be overdriven as well. But the tone is great.

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Cheers guys for the reply - anyone else able to chip in???

Anyone know of any replacement tubes/valves to chuck in - I'm guessing it's a class A. Can't get hold of the vendor as is on holiday apparently due to return on the weekend. Thus not much extra info on the specs and hence why I'm here.

Anyone know if it'll cater for my preferred genres.

Interesting Muppet - that sounds completely baffling!!! You reckon that's a design fault or coz someones messed about with it?

Replies encouraged and will be much appreciated!
I don't think it's class A I think it's AB.
2x6V6G tubes and 4xECC83 tubes. AOR3012, if it's the same as my 30W head, has (from left) presence, bass, middle, treble, master vol, preamp vol. The EQ control knobs can be pulled for boost in those frequencies. Be careful with the bass boost you might break a few windows I think the combo version has a spring reverb built in as well. Wish mine had that. Great amp. Well worth £175 Buy it and get it serviced if it seems unhealthy.

Edit: and if it's the same as my 30W head, you don't get two switchable channels that Muppet described. The AOR channel were on the 50W and 100W ones only I think. You can still get a decent clean sound by rolling off your guitar volume pot. What I do is set the amp to slight overdrive, then use an OD pedal to push it to distortion and when I want clean I just switch the OD off and roll off the guitar volume. Simple
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Jeez guys - like getting blood out of a stone!!!

At the risk of getting reported for bumping my own thread...........

Anyone got any info on this amp (thank you to the guys who have already posted - very much appreciated!!!)

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