I dislike country music with a passion, but noticed a maton cj85 and was wondering if it limited to country tone?
exactly my point, what is a country acoustic guitar.

all i know is the maton is sold as a jumbo country, not a folk guitar, so im wanting to know the difference?

^ That FAQ talks about guitar shapes and how it affects the tone of the instrument.

The "country" jumbo is just a jumbo sized guitar.

A folk guitar is usually something that is smaller and used for fingerpicking, like the OOO or OM models in that thread.

The "typical" acoustic is a dreadnought.

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yeah read that before, thanks.

i guess only way to know the sound is to go play it.
If you've read it and understood it, what is your question then? I don't get it.

Partscaster/Tele into a bunch of pedals, a Maz 18 head, and a Z Best cab.
wat the difference in sound is to the ear, not what is on paper, ie bright means a different level of treble too others

that faq whilst helpful isnt going to solve the difference in actual sound. only in person will. i just thought someone might be able to describe it in condensed version which the faq does not imo.

forget posting if u dont understand wat im asking, its ok.
^ Instead of being a jerk next time, understand that someone may be trying to extract more information from your question in order to be able to address your needs better and help you out.

In terms of "actual" sound, a jumbo guitar is going to have a rounded bottom end, and an overall balanced sound. In order to do this, it sacrifices some volume, though not as much as an OM or OOO guitar does.

The smaller bodied guitars are also very balanced, with a delicate sound that gets muddy quickly if the guitar is pushed too much. They are better for people who are going to be picking.

A dreadnought guitar is going to take to strumming and heavy flatpicking better than the other body shapes. This is your "rock and roll" guitar. They are very bassy, and often have punchy mids. They lack a little on the treble side of things and are not anywhere near as balanced as the OM or the Jumbo. However, they are a bit louder.

Yes, in the end, you still need to play the guitars to decide if you like the tone. But for someone who has played a lot of guitars, the descriptions would give you some idea of how a guitar sounds. If you haven't played many acoustics, it would serve you well to go play everything, from $100 beater guitars to guitars that are several thousand dollars, and in all styles. It will help you illustrate what can be hard to describe and understand.

Once you've played a whole bunch of guitars, you'll know what you want. If you're going to be playing mostly acoustic rock or strumming, then you'll probably be best served with a dreadnought...but you might find something else you like too.

Partscaster/Tele into a bunch of pedals, a Maz 18 head, and a Z Best cab.
hahahaha chill, not meant that way. bad wording.

wat i mean is i was hoping to hear the difference. ie if someone has a dread and a jumbo if they could record a sample withing the recording situation (youtube everyone has different gear).

thanks though, your info is helpful, its just i like a really detailed sound. sometimes dreads to me sound flat and lifeless, yet great for strumming. i like yamahas as they seem brighter to me than the likes of maton, but that could just be the few matons i played not set up well.
Quote by fiztech
I dislike country music with a passion,

I used to be the same way until I heard Johnny Cash sing Folsom Prison Blues. And lately I've been diggin Albert Lee. That cat is INSANE.
yeah i shouldnt say i dislike all country music.

was johnny cash country, i guess so, but i always thought of him as folk. yeah he is a legend, like him a lot.

i just dont like how in OZ a lot of the oz country singers put on this fake american sound. it reminds me of the youth here trying to act like american urban hip hop.

there are some who dont, like Slim Dusty was probably the best known, I loved his gear.

Its funny though, i really like keith urban, even though he is one who puts on that american voice, but i like his tele guitar, it sounds more texas blues to me than country. i prob like him cause hes a kiwi by birth ! hahahaha