Me and some friends are trying to get a band together, im saving up to get a new amp (i want an orange so that could take a while ) but right now i have a 10 watt marshall practice amp, I'm just wondering if this will pass for a little while?

Loud enough to be heard over the drummer. Everything else is balancing and EQing. If your drummer sounds like he's playing a chorus of cannons, 10 watts probably won't be enough. Actually, thinking about it, my MG10CD is just loud enough to play a small, silent church, so no, you're probably going to have to go bigger. Say at least 50 watts solid state.
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I dont think you will be able to hear it over drums....so I dont think so.
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Something around 30 watts can usually just be heard, bu then the tone goes tits up. A 30-watt tube or 50-watt SS should cope
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