Okay, so im sitting at work, im ill. Iv got the sweats and im starting to pong abit, feeling a little sick (gotta love the blunt approach) and ive got a huge headache that ive had all yesterday, all last night (which prevented me getting any decent sleep) and pain killers wouldnt take it away (paracetamol and ibeprofein together) I most likely had it yesterday because of a bad hangover, but normally they only last me half a day, let alone two.

So heres my situation, I'v got 3 more hours to go, I work in an office, I have no painkillers and noone else has either...How can I get rid of my headache? I leave it in your fragile minds UG to find a solution, or at least come up with some funny suggestions that I could try to get rid of my headache using office utensils. Do you have any wife's tales of ways to get rid of headaches? tell 'em.

So far iv drank lots of water, tried massaging my temples and surrounding facial area and had a cig...Im thinking home-made acupunture using an opened paperclip or something?
break your arm on your desk, you will forget your headache
just so i dont have to edit every post i make, let me clarify something I CANT TYPE WELL....thanks
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break your arm on your desk, you will forget your headache

true, dat - staple your hand or something and you'll concentrate more on the pain in your hand than the pain in your head

Alternatively, drink water, eat something and keep yourself occupied. It'll stop you from thinking about it and you'll forget its even there before long.
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Water, water and food.

he's right. most of the time water and food help with headaches
Im on my fourth cup of water in the past hour and twelve minutes...Still here...although It is starting to fade a little bit, I reckon by my eight cup, apart from a burst bladder, my headache shall perish.
Shotgun to the face. You'll be left with no head, and therefore your headache will be gone. Problem solved.
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pinch the nerve in the flap of skin between the thumb and index finger. it works.
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putting pressure on the part of the head where it hurts usually works for a few minutes for me
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pinch the nerve in the flap of skin between the thumb and index finger. it works.


i hear that helps stomache aches too
correct me if i'm wrong
not sure, but i get a lotta headaches (and the occasional migraine), and that usually works for the headaches.

the only thing that works for a migraine is drugs, silence, pitch black darkness and sleep.
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reply is a bit too late huh? i missed the fun.. well,sleeping will help...tons of water too
have something to eat (not anything too sugary or salty, just something sensible, a sandwich or something), drink plenty of water, and close your eyes and massage the area in between your eyebrows in little circles gently with your two fingertips.

also, get some fresh air if you can.
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You might wanna try massaging the back of your neck, around the shoulders, scalp and temples. If you can stomach it a good strong coffee might help too.