Okay I'm getting an Orange TT for Xmas and I was just thinking... how in the hell do you connect a Head to a cab.....
a speaker cable...duh
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Use a speaker ONLY. And make sure you correctly match or mismatch the OHMs. You can run an 8 ohm to another 8, or you can run a 8 ohm into a 16, or a 4 into a 4 or a 4 into and 8 or a 4 into a 16.

Basically you can go lower resistance into higher, but NEVER higher into lower.
actually, going too far mismatched even in that direction can be harmful. You start running into issues with flyback voltage from the transformer when you go too far using lower resistance to higher. Generally safer to only go one step if you have to mismatch, ie. 4ohm tap to 8ohm cab, 8ohm tap to 16ohm cab, etc. You will lose power mismatching in either direction with an impedance balancing output transformer.
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i would go 16 to 16, 8 to 8, 8 to 16, 4 to 4, 4 to 8, i don;t think i'd risk 4 to 16 plus you'd lose a ton of volume would you not?

Basically match them correctly if possible
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