Hi, I was disscussing pick ups with a guy I met at one of the local guitar shops yesterday. I was looking at some Duncan pups because I want to build another guitar from the ground up. He started up a conversation and told me I can get inexpensives pups from these non brand name companies like Wilinson, GFS, Dragon Mountain, Mighty Might and a couple others I can't remeber that would give me the preformance of the high end ones for much less. Now I have heard of all of them in the past but never heard or read any reveiws on them. The guy claimed he used to be a guitar tech from another of the local guitars shops and now does it for himself. Some of what he said sounded like he did know something of what he was saying but telling me to buy pups with no reputation that I have heard at least was a bit strange. He wasn't trying to sell me anything or get my business he told me to search online and check Ebay. He did give me some specs like what resistance my neck and bridge pups should rate etc. Like I said he did sound like he knew what he was talking about. I guess my question is are there decent inexpensive pups I should look into or was this guy just blowing smoke?


He isnt just blowing smoke, part of what he says is true, you can get some decent PUPS for next to nothing compared to seymour duncans etc. GFS pups are cheap and nice.

But, these cheaper PUPS are not in the same league as some of the expensive ones, in (although not all) you can get what you pay for with most PUPS, but there are great PUPS hand-wound etc that are cheaper than Seymour duncans, but IMO just as good, or even better in some cases.
Thanks, I just did a search and GFS is a local company here in Mass. I am going to email them and see what I can get from them in info. I listened to this guy and gave some attention to what he said and he did come across as someone who knew his stuff but I am not well versed in pup specs and all that but I am reading up on it. I did post a message about pup specs earlier in the month. I have always bought from what I read and by reputation if I can save a buck or two and get something I am happy with and doesn't sound like crap. Great!

I have one no name LP style guitar with set neck and adler body that feels great but the pups are crap. It sounds nice on a low volume but as soon as you crank it just a bit the sound just goes downhill. I might just buy a set of GFS humbuckers and see what it sounds like.

The crap sound at higher volumes is most likely your amp matey. What is it if you dont mind me asking? But yes, a cheap set from GFS will most likely improve tone, but if your going through a crap amp to begin with, you wont notice much difference at all.
Well, I mainly use a Line 6 Spider II 150 watt but the crappy sound comes from any Amp I have tried it on. I have an all tube vintage 2x12 Layfette 18 watt combo amp and it does the same thing on that the louder you crank it the worse the sound. If I plug in one of my better guitars in either amp I do not have the same problem actually the louder I go the better the sound with my two BC Rich guitars w/Duncans. My Jacksons sound good as well. Even my cheapest Lyon by Washburn has a better sound and all that has is a cheap single humbucker rail pup. It could be the way the guitar is wired. I have some better pots I might toss in as well.

I just won a set of Epiphone LP Classic pups on Ebay for $25.00 shipped hopefully they will be an improvement.