So I've been having problems with my fifteenth fret. Whenever I bend the high e string on that fret it hits the metal and kills the sound. My teacher said that it could have been due to the high humidity we had been having when it started. How can I get it fixed?
Depends on what is happening. The fret at that spot is pretty popular so will wear out faster. Most guitars now come with cheap fret wire that doesnt last so long. And very few companies take the time to do any sort of fret leveling. They just put the frets in and send em out. If the fret wire is actually coming out of the slot then it could be little more of a problem. The slots could be little to wide for them to stay down. When Ive had problems at the 15th fret it was usually a high fret further up the fret board. Raise the action a little or have em fixed.
Twat it with a hammer, knock it back into place.
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I just had this issue with my main guitar. Two or three of the frets actually started working their way out of the fretboard. I took a good look at it and had my tech take a good look at it. In the end the fret wire ended up being of surprisingly low quality and very soft. We both figured the best long term solution was a refret being that this issue is more than likely going to show up again from time to time. It was a $130 fix, but now I won't ever have to worry about it again.
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ok well, if the fret is coming out of the neck it can be tapped in with a tiny hammer, not enough to flatten the fret or it'll be useless.

if the fret is just a little high, then raise ur action for that string.

and FYI, you can get one fret fixed, usually about $20.

a whole board can cost a couple hundred.

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yea to replace a guitar frett, is about 60 bucks at my shop, i thought it would be alot lower but thats what the tech said, frett problems suck
well i'm guessing it's coming out anyway, because it's higher then it was before. I'll get it checked out then..i really hope it's not too expensive..