K, so for Christmas I've got my eye on either a podxt live or a gt8. I have a Epiphone Les Paul Standard and also a Jackson Randy Rhoads 3. I've got the much hated Line 6 spider 2 because it was all i could afford at the time and believe it or not, I actually like them.
What I want to know is which one is better overall? Not just soundwise, I mean ease of use, durability, connectivity etc.
I play a lot of solos, and 80s rock. I've also started getting into playing some metal (which is what the RR3 is for). I would be using the pedal for practise, recording to my computer, and possibly gigging.
I had the chance to play on a GT8 about a year ago, but I can't really remember what it was like, but also because I think that with MFX pedals you can never really try them out properly in such a short time like when you're in a shop.
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Personally I'd get the boss

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Nevertheless, I suggest you try them both out. Also, if you don't need effects, then I guess the Pod XT would be better.