I'm going to make it simple this time...

What are your thoughts on the "new" (2006+) Les Paul DC PRO?

These are different than the previous double cut models...as they have only 22 frets, weight relieved body (NOT chambered), and Burstbucker Pros...

Pros / Cons in compared to a normal LP Standard???

(Please dont tell me to go try one for myself, no store around me stocks these at the moment. I am merely doing research on opinions of actual Gibson LP players).
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i like 'em, had a look at the ibanez ar300? i have one and its beautiful

I am at the point in my life where I want to rid myself of all my other guitars I have collected over the years and get the one I truly want.... A Les Paul.

I just want one guitar (well maybe a backup also), and it would be a keeper for life. I have always wanted an LP Standard, however wasnt willing to pay $2400 for one. This LP DC PRO has all the right features I am looking for, hardware + astheically. My biggest concern is the TONE, in how it compares overall to the LP Standard. I know I may lose some bottom/midrange due to the slightly thinner body and reduction of the upper horn, but by how much??? Considering it is $500 less than the LP Standard, its even more appealing to me.