Pretentious thrash/heavy metal instrumental song. I like to imagine this is called "Journey of the Elders". It's an attempt at something deep and melodic, whilst still being thrashy and heavy.

First real song attempt in a looong time, I've been beating myself up and being all perfectionist and shiz recently Although that doesn't mean this is perfect.

Constructive criticism appreciated, and of course cit for crit

The song is on my profile under the title "Pretentious Instrumental".

Edit: Slightly re-mixed version uploaded. The original was way to heavy on the rhythm parts.
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I like it. Cool riffing. I think it would work better as a song with lyrics, since it doesn't really do a great job of holding the listener's attention, which I think is vital for instrumentals. Nice solo, and the clean part is pretty cool as well. Good work.
This one is cool..

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Love the tone, very thick and bassy. A good headbanging listen. Maybe mix up the drums some? Not the most terribly original piece I've ever heard, but enjoyable nonetheless. Very clean, solid guitar playing. Well done.

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