I have a Laney VC15, but recently I've been getting lots of complaints about the volume of the amp from neighbours, even at it's quietest, and I can't use any overdrive at all. On top of that, my drummer has converted his garage to a rehearsal studio, so I may as well keep it there. Anyway, to the point. I want a practise amp that has a decent tone, that isn't too loud. So the first thing I thought of was this amp? Is it worth my while getting this amp? Or should I get something cheaper with a crappy tone as its just for practise? My budget is £100, give or take £25.
i'd say a vox da-5 would do you for just a little spot of bedroom playing
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I played the DA-5, it seems pretty okay for what it is, I'm just wondering whether its worth spending extra on the AD15VT. I realise the AD15 isn't amazing, but its still better than the DA-5. You can run the DA-5 on batteries, though, I may find a use for that.