I have an amp cab that I want to (obviously) rebuild. Its a 70s Traynor, and it looks it age. The grille is ripped up not to mention it smells like someone smoked pot around it for years, the vinyl covering is all marked up and has cuts, tears, and stains, and finally the chrome piping is all beat up and broken. In terms of priority, its Tolex, Piping, Grille Clothe. How hard would it be to repair this? I may not replace the grille cloth if I can't find an identical pattern, as I like the actual color, but its torn up.Main Shot

EDIT: That kinda understates its condition though.
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Hah, I too have a VJ sitting atop a nasty cab.

I've never re-done this, but I imagine the tolex would just be peeled off, and you're glue the new stuff back on, and staple it...not sure how you'd do the corners, though. Someone smarter is bound to know.
Thanks. I'll be really interested to see how you get the vinyl/Tolex on and any piping if you do it.