Poll: What Age Do You Prefer?
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Same Age
41 52%
Year Younger
15 19%
Year Older
3 4%
2 years Younger
7 9%
2 years older
3 4%
Other (Specify)
9 11%
Voters: 79.
What age do you prefer for the person your dating?
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83 year olds

something about an older woman

mm mm mmmm
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same age, or a year younger usually
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options should be more broad. I'd date someone my age or a little younger and possibly someone slightly older than me.
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Honestly, I'm attracted to older women, 28-34 is like the best for me lol. Now if I were wanting to get serious, I would look 20-24(2 on either side of me). The reason(s) I like older women are:
1) They know what they want
2) They hate drama just as much as me
3) They know what they are doing

Works out perfectly.
Around the same age on the younger side, so a year younger. I dunno why though. Probably a dominant thing.
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Seeing as I'm in my third year of college, as long as they're at least a freshman, and not graduated from college :P
I'm 27 so I would say between 24 and 30 if I was still in the dating scene.
Definitely older. When i was nineteen i was messing around with a 32 year old. Good stuff. Their skin feels so much better. I HATE younger girls. I act like a kid. I don't wanna date soemone that acts younger than i do...
ive never been in a relationship ( too nervous and i dont talk enough to be able to hold a conversation normaly anyway) but id go two years back max. It will increace a bit as i age though (ie when im 25 id probably be willing to go back 5 years max, assuming im not married or dead).

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18-20. I'm 18. I'd probably never date anyone younger than me.
Drop another coin in the slot, and I will tell you more...
as im 15 id say from 16-19 :-) nd large....definatly large
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Roughly around my age.
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3 years each way's fine for me. After that, it does get a lil' strange socially. also, at least I know they're still legal, not a mistake anyone wants to be making, so for me 16-22
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I'm 19, and I picked other. I don't discriminate against age, well at least I like to think I don't, but in general I like older guys. My current boyfriend is 24, and that seems about right.
2 years either way is about ok with me, so between 16-20.
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Same age or younger...
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I'll date anyonw who I see fit. Age isn't usually that big a factor for me. Clearly i'm not one if those cougar bait losers or a pedo-assface, but I just wouldn't turn someone down soley based on their age, within reason.
Doesn't really bother me. Not more than 1 year younger and not too old. Other than that I don't care.
Physically mature, emotionally mature, and intellectually mature. And I'm attracted to them. And I like them. And it's mutual. And they're legal.
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Within a year or so.