just wondering why they're so cheap, I've heard great things but some come with EMgs and Grover tuners, so does this mean the build quality is terrible? or the woods are crap?
I don't see what's wrong with EMGs and grover tuners?
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ahh, I get it:P well, I have no idea why they are so cheap
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You usually get EXACTLY what you pay for in guitars under $6-700. Keep that in mind before you spend 400 on a piece of crap you'll want to get rid of soon anyway.
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That 400 piece of crap isn't a total pece of crap though, it's actually a damn solid guitar. And can be compared to guitars that cost a few hundred more, and for what you get at 400.. its unheard of because it seems too good to be true.

Rondo probably just doesn't make that big a profit on guitars. For example, instead of epiphone making say a 300 dollars with their les pauls... rondo might only make around 150. But they get a lot more sales and people wanting to buy because of the price, so they can offer these things.

Ahh I dont know, those were random numbers by the way. Im considering getting an AL 3000.
Agiles are amazing. They are cheap because they are sold online and exclusively threw Rondo. They don't need a HUGE profit on their guitars. People don't realize it, but the shops charge companies to sell their stuff. Also, most big guitar shops make up to 30% profit! That is the sad truth. The wood is amazing. The AL's have pure Mahogany. Everything is amazing. As for the post above me, get a 3100 instead. Same price, just MOP inlays which are MUCH nicer. Everything else is the exact same.
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I'm thinking of getting an AL 3000 also. Can anyone post a link to the 3100?
They're cheap because there not a "name brand" and aren't that advertised well, but there still good
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I'm thinking of getting an AL 3000 also. Can anyone post a link to the 3100?

Here you go.

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They seem amazing, I've read nothing bad about them. Sounds like a hell of a deal, especially with the build quality of the 3000s+. It says it has much improved electronics over the 2500s. I plan on getting a 3100, possibly dropping new pups in it. But if you're on a budget, one of them 2500s is like $230, which is a steal.