Hi, i'm looking for a Fender Deluxe Players Strat in Sapphire Blue. I'm UK based but i am willing to sort out overseas delivery.

my prices are £270 inc. delivery for the UK

$600 inc. delivery from the US

other locations are negotiable.

i'd sell you mine, but i love it far too much
not many people want to sell them cause they're such good value for money. Ebay it up
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i've looked on the us and uk ebay and unfortunately i got outbid just a second ago so there's my chances gone. Twevo is selling his but he has a local buyer so he tells me so i'm stuck. I don't have a decent guitar and no-one will sell me one and i right now i can't afford a new one.
no problem lol, i'm actually tempted to buy new although it will crush my wallet. I guess buying from the uk would be more practical as well.

thanks anyway
You don't need to buy a Fender to buy a good guitar man. If you're looking for a guitar that will give you Fender tones, and be really good for the money(deluxe players won't retain any cash value really as it's mexi-made)... Grab a Strat clone.


Those guitars get awesome reviews, and it will only cost you half your price. I understand wanting a 'Fender' though, as I too want a legit Fender Strat.

I'm just saying, if you want a good guitar, but can't afford a new Fender atm, there is no shame in buying one of those guitars and saving for your real Strat.

Good luck man!
thanks, i am going to buy a fender though, i hate settling for second best, that's why i bought a Vox AC15 instead of a Laney VC30, i wanted the real deal not a clone. Thanks anyway.

I might just buy new if i can't find anything. If anybody sees one come up for sale somewhere please let me know, it doesn't matter what price they are charging.

I've looked all over ebay, free ads, classifieds and others but it just looks like there aren't any out there unless you buy a new one. Keep looking, good luck
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thanks for looking that's very much appreciated. and thanks for the good luck
I could sell you mine. It's sunburst, bought it in January this year in the United States but I got an American Deluxe model a month ago, so I can sell this one.

PM if you want pics.

I'm from Leicester