I saw the man with a top hat
Cut you in half
With a handsaw.
You looked around all gaping wide
Legs kicking up
And down, insides raw.

I saw the man take his hat off,
Bow to the crowd,
Finished his trick.
You saw him shake it up and down
Until something brown
And white came with it,
Hopping around your severed waist,
Longing to taste
Simple freedom.
Out of the greased back jungle
Into the blood-
Less kingdom.

I saw the man with a top hat
Take your warm hand
And your cold foot
To bring you back together again
Spine to low spine,
Hips to gold gut.

I saw the man, hatless, waiting
For your shaking
Of his sleight hand.
But the truth is that your insides
Never entwined
At the waistband.
All you can do is imagine
That you were one
Instead of two;
But I saw the man take his handsaw
To their guffaws,
Cleaving my you.