Im looking for a new guitar... preferably in a 300$-400$ price range, Ive been playing for 5 years now and extremely strapped for cash...
and i dont exactly know what one i want. Ive been to guitar center and other local shops, and i cant exactly find one for my liking. I play in a band that does a lot of original stuff, but im influenced by many covers of different artists:

Lamb of God
Killswitch Engage
Iron Maiden

I know that they are very different artists, but still i need a guitar that looks as much as it can play. My current setup is:

Marshall Cabinet
Cry Baby (535Q)
Currently playing a very very old beat up epiphone from the 70's
Cry Baby Zak Wilde Sig.
My band just recieved a small record deal, so i need a good quality guitar!
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get a jackson rr1
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