Hi there, I am a new poster, but I've been using these boards as a resource for quite some time now!

I don't know if this is the place to put this but basically I am having problems coming up with innovative or at least quality guitar parts for the music that I want to come up with.

When I first started playing metal songs it was with the surge of metalcore acts like Trivium and Killswitch Engage around 2003 or 2004. Since then my taste got a bit heavier and now I listen to stuff like The Black Dahlia Murder.

I guess unfortunately I've been falling into trends, but its a coincidence I promise :P

Anyways, getting to the point I want to write music like Ion Dissonance, or something like Despised Icon. I understand that they are different but at the same time share a lot of the same qualities (hell, they did a compilation, and have appeared on each others sets as guests vocals etc).

So anyways, where I stand is with minimal theory knowledge but a strong knowledge of what types of guitar work comprises many different types of metal. I can write riffs for songs like Black Dahlia Murder or Through the Eyes of the Dead very simply, but when I get heavier than that I am kind of lost. I really want to get that deathcore sound and I am having problems.

My first method was to try and study tablature put out by various acts that influence me, but those tabs simply don't exist.

Tips? Anyone? Thanks a lot.
Listen to songs actively and pick out specific things that give them the sound that you are looking for. Maybe they have extensive use of chromatics, or they use X scales over Y chords. When you pay attention to what you're listening to, you can hear a lot of things that can improve your own writing.
Study some basic theory and do a lot of ear training. There might be an easier way out, but getting some rudimentary knowledge of what they are doing in terms of interval patterns, harmonies, and timing are the best way to learn how to emulate them.
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simple...loads of breakdowns....diatonic harmonizing...any type of evil sounding harmonies..dissonant type chords...tremelo picking black metal styled but harmonized evily!!! harmonic minor scale for some riffs/solos.
just a few ideas to get you started anyways.
good luck