So i've been learning guitar for 1,5 months (with a teacher) now and i just want to know how well i'm doing
I know all pentatoonic shapes
1 Phrygian shape
two octave major, minor (mel&harm) scales and major scale in p.4
A-G major, minor, 7th, major 7th, minor 7th, Diminished chords
cramatic (don't know how to write in english lol)
a bit of octaves , i can find octaves a bit
i can read a bit from the note
I know how to improvise only a lil. but darn good for only one chord placed songs like the start of pink floyd - wish u where here or metallica - fade to black
and i've learned a few songs
btw....how long did u guys learn to improvise well/good? i'm half way there and i want to know if i learn fast or something.
Thank u
oh yeah...and i play SOAD songs easy even BYOB easy stuff (maybe u can rate my 1,5 month ability lol)
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That alot for only one and a half months.
Improvising skill usually depends on the person. Some are terrible at it, and others can do it right after learning a scale.

How much you know isn't as important to how well you can play the things you know. Quality before quantity.
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You're doing great so far. It's spelled chromatic by the way . You won't learn to improvise yet until you understand musical concepts and have a well-trained ear. IT will take a few years, You won't magically start writing your own licks and you won't be able to play a song by the way it sounds yet. It willcome, but for now, just keep practicing what you're doing and learn some fun songs.
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i was hopig for that answer . it's great to hear that i'm doing great .
btw...i've written 2 songs allready and i've made a solo for a song that i found from ''GUITAR TECHNIQUES''
i've been learning music for 8 years but iv'e taken it seriously for only 3 years lol.
so i think my ear is well trained
the problem is that i have many solo ideas in my head but i don't know how to play em lol i think that requires teqhnique and skill
but i still i think i'm bad lol... though i practice atleast 3 hours a day . but i'm so up to my neck with piano lessons, solfedgio and guitar lessons that i can only practice on mondays, wednesdays, fridays, saturdays and sundays....i would happily practice more...but i also have to practice piano
Being able to transfer ideas from you head to the guitar isn't really a matter of technique; it's all in experience: you have to know your way around the instrument quite well to just be able to play something you thought of only seconds ago.
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yeah.. keep it coming mate =)

you're good
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how can i make my improvising skills better? anyone know any kind of lessons or something?
I don't think it's something you can learn by reading a lesson. I would just put on some music and try to play some scales over it. If you do this, you will gradually learn wich combination of scales/notes works best for that particular music. And if you want to be really good at improvising: do this ALOT.
k...the last two days i have been trying to improvise to ''fade to black''
pretty good, gotta say
every time something new