hey guys

Today my teacher pulled out 30 different vegetables and fruits. I could only name about half because the other half i hadn't really seen and so not tasted. Im not so into fruit im more of a vegetable fan. Now all the vegetablesi eat are all the common ones like carrots, broccoli, onions and things like that. I would like some recomendations of some tasty and exciting vegetables and if you want fruits for me to try out and anyone else if they want. Say for instace today i bought an aubergine and im going to eat it tomorrow.

Thank you
I perfer fruits
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tooty fruity ahh rooty
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Who the hell prefers veggies?

i do.

give some suggestions as favourites. Can be in meals like what goes well with what or just plain
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Wheres the "I be a fat **** therefore do not eat fruit or vegetables in any large quantity." option?

This isn't a poll..........
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suggestions of some fruits or veges that are not the usual and are tasty such as my aubergine which i bought today
Fruits are vegetables. The question is bogus.

Fruit: The ovary of a plant.
Vegetable: Any part of a plant that is eaten.
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I've been told that cucumber is "exciting". I don't talk to her any more though.

I would've.

Vegetables FTW!

Down with FRUITS! (except pears, pears are delectable)
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fruit all the way. Pommegranets anyone!?!? Mangos?!?! MELONS!?!? JEez thats an easy question mate.
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Always fruit.
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my dad owns a chain of greengrocer shops so i like both!

amalfi lemons are the sex, also, try doing things like roasting an aubergine, or barbequeing it, and the insides turn into a really good paste that can go into soups and stuff.

i can answer fruit or veg related questions!
fruit. Namely pears, cherries, strawberries, and blackberries. Berries count as fruit, right?

...yeah, 'cause tomatos are berries and they're a fruit.
fruit mostly, like lemons and limes straight, peel and all

altho avacados are good - i think there technicallly a veggie.
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