pretty much i love playing guitar and im working on reading music all the way up the fretboard. im also taking a music theory class. but what im worried about is if people in classical and jazz music areas will look down on me because of my instrument choice. mainly because so many guitarists dont read music and the stereotype that often comes with them. im also starting piano and i really want to go to college for a double major in music and english. im a junior in high school right now so im hoping ill have enough time to practice everyday and get ready in two years time.

what do you guys think?
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If they don't like your choice in instrument they can get over it.

And, if its a 101 class in college you shouldn't need any prior knowledge, although it helps. But of course I don't really know that for sure as I'm also in my juinor year in high school.
Nah, they won't look down on you. Its not like you're offending them in any ways. At least you're willing to learn reading music and theory, which is already breaking the 'stereotype'

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Lol there are lots of stereotypes about all kinds of musicians. But that's why they're called stereotypes, not facts. Just don't care about them and keep with your own studies. It';ll be well worth it.