This is the band I used to be in. All the songs on the myspace are me playing lead guitar along w/ Greg who is still in the band. I quit to go to college/get a job. Big stuff is starting to happen 4 them. Check 'em out & let me know what you think!

In school, they told me, "Practice makes perfect". Then they said, "Nobody's perfect", so I quit practicing.
this is for bands you are currently in, btw. im gonna post this as if you are still in the band.

the singing is good, but the screaming could be improved on. its too high and sounds strained. the music was pretty tight and well played. i like how the softer stuff in your songs break into loud distorted guitars. its an extremely overused formula, though. you dont wanna use it too much or it will get boring. the music could also be expanded on. develop a little more distinctive sound.

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