So, my brothers roomate let me keep his amp over the summer. It is a Fender DeVille. But now he has taken it back and i need a new amp. I have a Fender Frontman 25G, piece of crap. I want an amp that will suit my needs. I liked the sound of the DeVille but it wasn't quite what i wanted. I play lots of different styles, but i mainly play classic rock, jazz, and jamband. I have a Fender American Strat, a Fender Standard Telecaster, and 3 BYOC effects: Mk2 fuzz, screamer, phaser. I want an amp that can rock out and that i can play Led Zeppelin songs on, but also a clean jazzy, warm tone for everything else. I would prefer a combo amp for the portablility, but am willing to buy a head/cabinet. My budget is from $0 to $700. Anything come to mind?
please help, i need an amp soon. If you have a questions ask.

I have heard that Mesa Boogie is a good company, would they be a good fit?
You could try a Peavey Classic 30 combo. Has nice cleans and can do classic rock easily, too.
I'm not really that knowledgeable when it comes to amps but from what I know I reckon that Mesa Boogies are both out of your price range and not really suited to your styles. Sorry for the lack of useful suggestions!
you'd like a nice orange amp, but like the mesa it's too expensive. i think the vox ac15 is in your price range, you might wanna check that out
If you wouldn't mind going used, I'd suggest tryin to find a Orange Rocker 30 combo, however I don't think you'll find one that cheap (though I don't really know cause I've never looked for them used =P). The Vox amps everyone's suggested would be good as well. You could also try to pick up one of the new Express series Mesas, but I'm not sure if it'd be quite what you want, but it's deffinately worth a try. The Classic 30 is also a great choice as well.
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