So for my art class I have to do a drawing every week of my choice of subject and media in the back of my sketchbook, but I'm two weeks behind and can't think of anything to draw!
Anyone have any suggestions? I'm going to use pastel for this one to get some variation in.
P.S. I already drew my guitar, I did that the first week.

EDIT: I'm going to have to suck it up for this one and do a sunset, but like I said I'm two behind, so suggestions still appreciated.
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Draw something from Bilbo.
your amp?
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your other guitar ?

I only have one ( )

Also, I probably should have mentioned that we have to do original drawings. We can draw from photos, but we can't copy someone else's drawing or character. And I can't (and don't particularly want to) draw manga.
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Draw something from Bilbo.


That could be cool.
draw peter frampton playing a flaming acoustic guitar.
that should be bonus marks right there. :P
do that clown guy from the Saw movies
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draw your hands drawing something else

i wanted to say your hands drawing you hands drawing your hands drawing you hands drawing your hands drawing you hands drawing you hands drawing your hands drawing your hands etc but its already been done
Draw a drawing of a drawing. ...Originally O_o...Uhm yaeh...but seriously.

Look around..find something that inspires you...I say draw a dragon
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Glass cola bottle.?


That...actually sounds kinda cool. I might do that next, although I don't have a glass cola bottle, so I'll have to google a pic later. Thanks.