is the Peavey Valve king any good? For my $425 budget, it seems good. I play metal and some punk. Could someone reccomend any thing else? Is the 112 loud enough to gig?
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I personally happen to like it. You may want a pedal depending on the type of metal you'd be playing though.

Most common problem with the Peavey seems to be the stock speaker. It takes a bit of time to break in, and will definitely sound better over time, but people either love it or hate it.

It's a 50watt tube amp, so unless your drummer uses wrecking balls and jackhammers, it should be loud enough.
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Yes, I think so. Also look at a B-52 AT something or other. A 50 watt, all tube 1x12" is enough to gig with. Any place that needs more umph will have a PA.
It's pretty good, it'll do punk for sure. Just higher gain metal stuff is...well it depends on who you're talking to and how you yourself like it's sound for that. Some say it does metal very well but personally it doesn't work for me.
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The 112 sounds muddy as hell and like it is in the room next to you, I haven't played the 212 version but I would imagine it might open up a little, but probably not enough. However, if you mostly play metal you can look at solidstate too, Try looking at Randall ss amps and Hughes and Kettner ss amps. I'd say try the switchblade but it doesn't fit your budget. If you're dead set on a tube amp though, look at B52's, ats about the only affordable Tube other than the VK that I can think of.

Hughes and Kettner has a sweet looking 4 channel solid state for a good price, but I haven't got to try it out. I may make a thread asking if anyone has and what they think of it because I haven't seen many reviews.
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