...how is the access to the 24th fret? I've tried the Alexi signature models, and it was very difficult for me to reach my pinky to the 24th fret. So I just want to know if the bit of body underneath the upper frets blocks you from reaching your pinky to the 24th fret.

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Try the Edwards models too, bound to be much better than the LTD and Jackson models.
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I don't think you understand me. I'm not looking for overall quality here...mostly the efficiency of fret access relating to the cutaway on the guitar. The Edwards may be of high quality, but that doesn't change its upper fret access at all.
It also doesn't change the fact that Edwards models are a pretty rare find in the US, if that is in fact where he lives.

I've played both the RR24 and the Alexi600. From what I remember, it's the same with both of them. 24th fret is a bitch to get to. I agree with Chinomaster182. V bodies and 24 frets don't mix well.
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Hm...I kind of had that feeling also. So, even with your thumb placed low on the neck it's hard to get to the 24th fret? And I know some people compensate for this buy using a 1-2-3 stretch (first three fingers only), but I don't like to sacrifice my form with my pinky just to reach the 24th fret.
If anything, its harder to reach. The Alexi has cutaways for better upper fret access. the RR24 doesn't.
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Really you think so? I know the Alexi has a cutaway, but it just seems like there's so much less wood underneath the upper frets of the RR24 compared to the Alexi sig.